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About Juice Smash

We make Healthy taste Good

At Juice Smash we strive to make every sip a step toward inspired healthy living. Our full fiber juices are artfully smashed and infused with nutrient dense superfoods. Unlike most big chains, we use all organic fruits and veggies, and non GMO verified products. It costs us more to do so, but we think our families and customers are worth it!


Our menu constantly evolves but our staple items include 12 signature drinks and assorted healthy snacks. So whether you’re looking to ride the Kale is Kool bandwagon, a shot of whole food protein après workout, or or for a guilt-free indulgence, our lineup is sure to tantalize your palate with delicious flavors and nutrients.

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We are a diverse team of individuals hailing from all walks of life and backgrounds. What we have in common is a shared affinity for healthy living, and a passion for helping others achieve their highest purpose. Sure- a lofty goal for a juice bar, but what can we say. We make and serve our drinks and snacks with pride and love. We know that the longest journey begins with a single step… and we believe in our hearts that our drinks can be that critical first step for many of our customers.


We aim to serve “All”, the best tasting, ultra-premium, full fiber juices on Earth. We offer a detox program that will naturally energize your body, boost brain power, create natural weight loss, and promote clear healthy youthful skin. Our drinks are designed to optimize your health in the most delicious way. We are committed to providing our guest the best!


No chemicals, no preservatives, non GMO, no artificial anything!.We don’t use syrups, fillers,  no added sugar,bulk powders, or  ice!


Higher Purpose Statement

Our Higher purpose is to make healthy eating affordable and accessible to “All”. We want to reach people who haven’t had exposure to eating healthy. Our goal is to touch as many people’s lives as we can. We plan to engage our community in fun, exciting ways to invite them on a journey of health and well being.

Our Values:


18-128 Community
18-128 Passion
18-128 Integrity
18-128 Compassion
18-128 Respect
18-128 Teamwork
18-128 Self improvement



We were open for business October 20, 2014 in Danbury Ct, at the Danbury Fair Mall. Right from the beginning, our mission was to serve the highest quality, best tasting, full fiber juices on Earth! Our customers are highly satisfied with the consistency of flavor, and the positive energy of our team. They keep coming back for more.

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